An exploration and exhibition of dreams and alter-egos
Art- & drama pedagogy at Mosaikteatern (Mosaik theatre) 2015
Videoart & directing: Tina Johnsson

Ego-lab was a collaboratory cross-art exploration of alter-egos at the Mosaik theatre in 2015. The idea with ego-lab was for the actors to explore their dream alter egos starting with fine arts, before moving on to physical adaptation. The participants decorated our premises with murals, pictures and scenography. Then we moved on to physical adaptation where the actors portrayed their alter-egos in silent film-performances. Göran Utas (actor) chose his own visuals for an interactive performance with projections.

At the exhibition, Pablo de Acha played the piano live (improvisation) to the silent films. The ego-lab process set the base for the following project: A silent movie/interactive play; “Ariel from Underland” (2016).